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Since my configurations are related to my setup, let me describe what XIM gaming setup I use.


I’m still using XIM4 and I’m happy with that, maybe later, I could by APEX but for now…XIM4 is fine :).


From time of PC gaming I had USB keyboard that was quite useful. Even features like macros does not work, I still like design of this keyboard. My XIM setup contains keyboard ZFang.


I’m currently using mouse dedicated just for XIM play. It is not the best you can find in market but it’s good price/performance choice. I’m using A4Tech Xl 750BK. Default DPI are set to max (3600 DPI), If i don’t mention it in review.



To avoid voltage problems once i connect USB headset, I use USB 2.0 HUB D-Link DUB H7.


For multiplayer gaming i use only generic USB headset Logitech 960USB.