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Great user experience

Multiplayer games are different world. As single player games does not cause much discussions, multiplayer games with XIM controller usually means for console community cheating. Fortunately Battlefield is game which does not bring so much advantge for XIM players, game itself is very focused on play strategy and XIM players are not those who must have the best score. In this game are winners players with team play. But if you don’t play multiplayer games on consoles just because of problematic control with controller, you should try Battlefield 1 with XIM. Game control with XIM is very convinent that might be judged as the best games with XIM. There are no problems at all. Game just need little tweak in game settings and you are good to go!


The only issue I was faced on was command selection like „Need Medic“ etc… selection of commands requires continuous movement of mouse in specific direction of circle menu once you are try to select it. This is very anoying and sometimes almost impossible. I seeked on internet for some selection and the best option that worked for me was alternative config on pressing R1 button. Once R1 is pressed on specific time, right stick is remapped on arrows WADS. This settings is kept until R1 is again released. You are not able to move once you selecting command but selection is much more convinient and can be used. After this tweak I stopped sending false commands „Follow me“ instead of „Thank you“ :).  Settings are described in XIM config part.


Once game is reconfigured, everything simply works. You might forget you play on console at all. If I had to demonstrate how XIM works, I would show it on Battlefield 1.


Aiming is without problem. You should select sensitivity that match you play style. Once you find it you would have significant advantage in situation 1:1.


Turning is very smooth and without any issues. There is almost no latency and jitter. I think there is no other PS4 game that provides so smooth turning.

XIM Config

Commands config

Game Config



Video gameplay

Video without mouse camera:

Video with mouse camera:


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
9/10 9/10 10/10 10/10 10/10

Code with config: