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Action without worries

Since this game was in PS Plus games, why should be missing review. Game is very fast and full of actions but due to great default config for XIM and control input algorithm in the game you should not faces to any troubles (at least from control point of view). Game works very smooth and only issue can be your muscle memory calibrated to other games (exactly what you can see in my video down below :)). There are almost no turning limits and aiming is still very accurate.

I think that you will have very big advantage in multiplayer once you learn muscle memory. I don’t think you could control game better with controller comparing to XIM. It looks like game was initially designed to be used with XIM.

Let’s skip discussions about fair and unfair using XIM in multiplayer games, if you focus only on single player campaign, you would enjoy game much more without stress. Single player part of this game is really enjoyable with XIM and it would be pity to skip it.


There are no problems…I’m recommend game if you are seeking for 3D shooter for XIM.


Prompt response, this is what you feel almost whole time. XIM works without latecy.


You must find your sensitivity but you don’t need to touch on ballistic curve (please don’t do it, this game don’t need it).


Turning is very fast and without overloading, almost exactly what you could expect on PC.

XIM Config

Video Gameplay


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
9/10 9/10 10/10 10/10 10/10

Config Code