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It is awesome!

XIM 4 simly works great in this game. Initial configuration required some tuning to get the best setting between sensitivity/turning speed but it worth. I have enjoyed whole game without major problems. Difference between PC is so small that i rather play game on PS4 rather than sitting by the computer :).

There are some games that reacts with XIM4 a little bit better, but different is so small that you would not notice. Only if you play the game on PC and straight away you turn your PS4 and try it over XIM, you might feel a small difference.


Only one problem is choosing weapons, it is little bit tricky to select weapon at the first moment. Once you learn it, you minimize mistakes o choice to minimum.


You really enjoy whole game and you might decide to play the game one more time :).


Game is not focused on precious aiming, most of guns are based on „Quake III style“. But if you need to aim, it simply works.


Turning is really key in this game, because enemies often appears behind you and attacking from various location at the same time. Thanks to XIM shooting enemies is really fun :).

XIM Config

Video gameplay:

Video with mouse camera:

Video without mouse camera:


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
9/10 8/10 10/10 9/10 9/10

Config Code