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Playable but…

Metro – Last light is very story based shooter that was pleasure to play. Developers might improve the input processing to get better experience also on XIM4 controller. This game is single player…why should not support XIM4 play? Aiming is fine, game is very accurate and you can really enjoy shooting human enemies. Problem could be monsters, input processing limits maximum speed of turning and it makes player to be frustrated once more monsters attacks from more directions. If you take over this limitation you can safely turn off aim assistant and enjoy game as much as possible.


Only one serious problem turning speed!


Game is playable, with combination of story you can go through this game without much problems until final levels where turning speed starts to be serious issue. I finished this game even there was turning speed issue. For me it would not be possible to finish this game on gamepad.


Aiming simply works well, it’s great!


This part is nightmare, especially in fast parts of game where fast turning between more directions is required. This part was frustrating but rest was fun so i could get over this. Overloading of input cause slow turning. If you relax and do slower movement you could turn faster. Once you overload the input turning is even slower.

XIM Config

Video Gameplay


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
10/10 3/10 10/10 2/10 7/10

Config Code