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Playable but not convenient

Since Mafia III has been released as PS Plus game for August 2018, it was good chance to try it with XIM controller. Game is marked as supported but aiming is problematic. It is kind of game which is in support list just to it´s popularity. I have tried to only one hour but it is clear that problems are not caused by XIM itself. There is serious issue with handling input information from controller. Fortunately games support aim assist so during aim down side you should be able to hit the target.


Serious issue is very „lazy“ feeling once you are trying to run fast in smaller areas like smaller rooms with objects inside. It is very tricky to move exactly as you want and it ruins whole experience.


Even i´m not good player with controller I was really asking myself if it would not be better to disconnect XIM and play with full aim assist on PS4 controller.


Thanks to the aim assist, it is fine. Once you are trying to aim, you feel a delay before movement of cursor is enough fast to get to desired aiming area. This delay is very strong and appears even you are trying to increase sensitivity, this makes situation even worst because once you take over this software defined dead-zone you will scroll over desired aim point.


Similar to aiming, feeling of turning is even worse comparing to aim down sight, fast movement during action makes game almost unplayable.

XIM Config

Initial config is fine, you might just set bigger sensitivity.


The bigger number, the better experience.

Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
7/10 2/10 10/10 2/10 3/10