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This game is the first one which is added to supported game-list due to it’s popularity, gameplay is marked with aiming issues  even though I haven’t noticed significant issue with controlling game comparing other marked as (U). Just aiming with small movement of mouse cause jitter. This can be frustrating in multiplayer games but in single player game the most of time you are able aim quickly since enemies are near you or you are using katana which does not need do much accuracy. Turning speed and smooth movement is more important for enjoy this game. I had exactly oposit feeling comparing to Metro – The Last Light.


Before you start to play, ensure you have set max. sensitivity (horizontal as well as vertical) and you have disabled aim assist, otherwise you experience nonlinear mouse movement feeling.

Game flow is really dynamic and you will take over aiming issue soon, game is really fun and with XIM 4 you can really enjoy this game.


Aiming is an issue, you might have problems with shooting enemies in long range.  I tried to reduce sensitivity, balistic curve  and use „Steady aiming“. Nothing really helped.


Turning works pretty well. You can turn very fast in desired direction so you have no problem to beat emeies with katana even you are standing in the middle of crowd.

XIM Config

Video Gameplay

Gameplay with mouse camera:


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
5/10 8/10 3/10 9/10 6/10

Config code: