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Is it PC or console?

I ‚m not the person that is fan of Star Wars games, but game is from graphic part so nice I bought this game. I have been playing just part of campaign so can’t judge how XIM works in multiplayer part. EA Games  did great job and input processing works very good, similar situation is also in Battlefield 1 but i will talk about this game in separated review.

XIM config does not need much adjustment and fast processing of input allows using of straight ballistic curve without adjustment. All you need to tweak is sensitivity in game and sensitivity in XIM config. Game is very confident with keyboard and mouse.


The only problem is controlling space ships. Default mapped config require to use mouse for turning and this does not work well. So i would recommend to use console controller in space fight parts (good is that you don’t need to do nothing more that just grab controller connected to XIM and once space fight is over you pick again keyboard and mouse) or you could remap turning to keyboard and use control as alternative control schema.


You will really enjoy the control itself, i wish all new game would work like this one. Thanks to official support of controllers like HORI Tac new games should support mouse much more.


In shooter parts (not in space fights in space ships) you can safely switch off aim assist. Aiming is so confident.


No problem at all! There is also no overloading of controller, really good!

XIM Config

Game Config


Aiming Turning Jitter Overloading Total
9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Config Code